About Us

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We are passionate about Food, the Planet and saving the Animals!
chickpeas & turnips is a vegan & eco-friendly clothing brand based in San Diego CA. chickpeas & turnips are formally known as (Spoiled Vegans) but we changed our name to be more inclusive. Our promise is to help spread awareness to animal rights, a healthy lifestyle, saving our planet all in a fun fashionable manner! As we grow we promise to increase the ways and the amounts we donate to the plant-based movement!

Go Vegan!  

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More Than Just CLOTHING...

The upside food pyramid in our logo represents a change. A change in the way we live and eat..... 

We are aware that there is a big gap between plant-based options in every city and a lack of information available to those that want to make a lifestyle change. 

chickpeas & turnips the information about plant-based food and the many benefits from the lifestyles. Our clothing is a reflection of what we believe in. 


1% of our proceeds will go to rescuing farm animals. Every time you buy something from our store, we're able to donate to amazing sanctuaries that are dedicated to rescuing farm animals from abuse and slaughter. 

Our 100% no-sweatshop tees are crafted from combed and ring-spun cotton, meaning they’re super-soft and print like a dream. The T-shirts are produced in a solar-powered, eco-conscious and W.R.A.P. Gold-Certified facility.


We know how much our customers care about people and the planet. We do too. We promise that any tees you order from us will come from a W.R.A.P Gold certified facility. Meaning: 

  • Absolutely no sweatshops or child labor
  • Safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing
  • Solar powered sewing and cutting floor
  • 7x less water used than the average clothing manufacturer